A third of the world is still denied access to the Gospel.

What can you do about it?.


Draw the three lines and join the #AThirdofUs movement.

Step 1

Draw the symbol somewhere visible.

Step 2

Look for opportunities to talk about it.

Step 3

Go deeper. We can help.

A third of humanity is still in the dark with no chance to hear the name of Jesus.

But you can help change that.


Step one is simple.

Take Step One   Today

Share a photo of the 3 lines symbol on social media using the hashtag #athirdofus.

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    A Third of Us is an initiative of the Alliance for the Unreached

    These organizations are doing whatever it takes to reach all of the earth.


    The Alliance for the Unreached is united in a vision to bring the Good News of Jesus to every people group that has limited or no access. Each Alliance member has a unique and important role: some in Bible translation, some in church planting, others in community discipleship, media technology, teaching, evangelism, or even helping Christians pursue their careers overseas.

    Alliance Founding Members

    Champion Members


    The Alliance for the Unreached believes that until Christians become aware that almost a third of the world’s population is denied access to the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will continue to see their ranks grow, as they do today, by tens of thousands every single day.

    A group of like-minded organizations, passionately committed to seeing this trend reversed, formed The Alliance to raise awareness among American Christians about this tragic reality. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.

    The Alliance for the Unreached has declared Pentecost Sunday each year as the International Day for the Unreached — a day of building awareness for the unreached. Each year the activities planned are different, but the goal is the same—to rally as many people as possible to spread the word as far as possible so that as many Christians as possible become aware that a third of the people on earth are denied access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    We’d love to see many churches get involved in bringing greater awareness for the third of the world who are denied access to Jesus.

    We’ve developed Church Kit to provide resources to help make it easier.

    Click here to request the Church Kit.

    Our Family Guide makes it easy for kids and families of all types to learn about and get engaged with the unreached.

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    Join us in praying for
    the world’s Unreached!